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Tuotteet Mekaaniset tiivisteet 255x200
We are the only manufacturer of mechanical seals in Finland. This general-purpose seal is commonly used in pumps and mixers.

Mechanical seals

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Our selection of seals includes all products required in the process industry. We supply or manufacture seals for all fields.

Other seals

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Our NonFlow buffer fluid solution ensures that mechanical seals do not require any running buffer fluid. This minimises water consumption.

Seal Supply Systems

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We also provide Spray Control guards, anti-wear diamond coatings and other seal-related tools and supplies.

Other products


First LP seals were designed for Finnish equipment manufacturers in the 80’s. Shafts in the mixers had a risk to swing strongly which caused the Mechanical Seals to fail and in worst cases lead to draining of the vessel. The rugged design and reliability of the LP seals for mixers made it possible that they are one of our most popular products today. We manufacture LP seals for all the applications in the Pulp and paper industry but also to many hydrometallurgical applications.

The first Nonflow™ operated seal was taken in to operation in a mixer at the beginning of 90’s. Our Research and development has continued ever since and most challenging applications operate with out flowing buffer water in temperatures of 100°C.

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