Anticipatory service model

The modern process industry requires expertise from all those involved, including providers of seal services. We must be intimately familiar with your factory’s operating methods and possible risk factors, as well as the sealing materials that best suit your equipment.

1. Factory survey

Equipment and inventory analysis

The correct choice of seal always depends on each respective factory or machine. We examine the equipment on-site to ensure that we are familiar with the operating conditions at your facility. If necessary, we offer our NonFlow solution to reduce the water consumption of your production process. In order to minimise production interruptions, it is also important for us to look into the inventory situation.

2. Seal analysis

Risks, suggested measures and strategy

Once the initial survey is complete, we analyse the fault history, chart the risks and draw up a strategy to extend the mean time between repair. We also prepare an estimate on how our seals will increase your production efficiency. After this, we can recommend suitable products or design and manufacture solutions precisely for your needs.

3. Measures

Maintenance, repair, design and shelf stocking

Our production development efforts have made us the leading name in Finnish seal production. If our extensive selection does not include what you are looking for, we are the only Finnish manufacturer that can produce seals customised to your exact needs. Our operations are founded on sustainability, production efficiency and occupational safety.

4. Follow-up reporting and development

Documentation and suggestions for further measures

We prepare extensive documentation on each of our projects to provide concrete and measured data. The descriptions of measures taken, including relevant photos, form a database that ensures easy access to service history. We also provide recommendations for further measures to increase the efficiency of your production and protect the environment.

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