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Mechanical seals

We are the only manufacturer of mechanical seals in Finland. This general-purpose seal is commonly used in pumps and mixers.


Our Nonflow™ buffer fluid solution ensures that mechanical seals do not require any running buffer fluid. This minimises water consumption.

Anticipatory service model

The modern process industry requires expertise from all those involved, including providers of seal services. We must be intimately familiar with your factory’s operating methods and possible risk factors, as well as the sealing materials that best suit your equipment.

1. Factory survey

Equipment and inventory analysis

2. Seal analysis

Risks, suggested measures and strategy

3. Measures

Maintenance, repair, design and shelf stocking

4. Follow-up reporting and development

Documentation and suggestions for further measures

Customised seal services for all fields

We want to truly know our customers. Varying conditions, materials and purposes of use define the types of seals and accessories required. Tiivistetekniikka can provide you with exactly those products you need, complete with flexible expert services.