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Tuotteet Mekaaniset tiivisteet 255x200
We are the only manufacturer of mechanical seals in Finland. This general-purpose seal is commonly used in pumps and mixers.

Mechanical seals

Tuotteet Muut Prosessitiivisteet 255x200
Our selection of seals includes all products required in the process industry. We supply or manufacture seals for all fields.

Other seals

Tuotteet Sulkunestelaitteet 255x200
Our NonFlow buffer fluid solution ensures that mechanical seals do not require any running buffer fluid. This minimises water consumption.

Seal Supply Systems

Tuotteet Muut tuotteet 255x200
We also provide Spray Control guards, anti-wear diamond coatings and other seal-related tools and supplies.

Other products

Burgmann Seal Supply Systems


With the EagleBurgmann DRU system it is possible to supply barrier fluid to double and tandem mechanical seals for a broad range of applications. The maximum operating pressure of 63 bar applies to the housing of the pressure booster, i.e. the process/medium pressure at the connection must be lower and is conditional on
the transmission ratio:

DRU2063/A001 up to 57 bar
DRU2063/A002 up to 42 bar
Circulation in accordance with API 682 / ISO
21049: Plan 53C